As a team of paramedics we came together for the first time to build a toilet and shower block, and make ready a new clinic. This included taking over a substantial quantity of equipment, sufficient to share amongst five health centre’s. We also supplied a Cardiovascular hospital, which happens to be within the region we worked in, with two AEDs, surgical airway and Advanced Life Support equipment. The hospital caters for chronic cardiac conditions for some seventy million people across several countries. It did not have any AEDs. Acute cardiac conditions have no treatment pathway.

The work we did was described as very successful. Once the local children, and of course craftsmen, showed us what to do we got to work digging, plastering and painting. The end result was the completion of the clinic and an amazing opening day just prior to our departure. Much of the clinical workload relates to Musculoskeletal and Respiratory conditions as well Obstetrics. We also encounter conditions we see less frequently in the UK such as Malaria, Sickle Cell and other tropical diseases.

The trip showed what a team of paramedics both wants to do and can do. Between us we believe it’s possible to bring together paramedic teams and build on the work we’ve started. Thus Volunteer Medics was born!!

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Tanzania February 2019

We are currently recruiting volunteers for our next trip early next year to Tanzania. Working alongside our partners, Tatu Projects, we will be operating in the village of Msitu wa Tembo looking to improve access to health services in the village. At present the rural health centre, located about an hour and a half from Moshi, is in need of both physical repair and improvement in the overall service it is able to offer. We intend to do this in partnership with the 7000 people it serves. It has no drinkable water supply, extremely limited provision of equipment and much of the healthcare provision is undertaken by volunteers, some of whom who have volunteered for twenty years or more and travel many, many miles a day (or night!) on bicycles across scrub land, in the wet season, as well as working on their own subsistence farms themselves. Our work will include assisting in providing a medical clinic, improving the building and undertaking training with local staff. However the places are going quickly, so if you are interested contact us soon! You could of course be thinking of going in a couple of years in which case we are planning for trips in 2020 so contact us anyway!

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We are a newly formed NGO. As such we think our small size is one of our main strengths. We can provide a very personal, paramedic focused volunteering experience, managed by fellow paramedic volunteers that in our experience nobody else can match. However, the scale of the problem of poor access to health services is truly global and as such we want to see the number of trips and the countries in which we work grow. So we have plans underway to operate elsewhere in the future. Watch this space!

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